Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another Maad sneak!

Ooh look at what came out yesterday! A quaint purply eye-catcher that's bound to be a keeper! I'm hoarding this for Dec's Maad, which by the way, is on for sure! So keep the 1st & 2nd of Dec free if you can and come do some major christmas shopping! (hopefully at my booth so i can do some christmas shopping too haaa)


mesmerized said...

i love this snapshot! :)
gah, it's a pity tat i'm gonna miss ur MAAd in Dec as i can't make it back to sg in time!
boo hoo~
I'm sure it's gonna be a great success! :D
Hopefully u're able to do my earrings before Maad! hahaz

yiwen said...

hey mich babe, such a bummer we won't get to meet again! We'll meet up when you get back and yea i'll do those earrings for you soon! :) xoxo


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