Monday, November 05, 2007

my little bunny mug

Woke up yesterday morning feeling a lil anxious cos the thought of all those orders I've yet to finish is weighing heavily on my mind. Esp. since I popped by Maad yesterday and moi friends were like, hey where have you been? Come back to Maad soon! So yea, I'm thinking of how I can juggle finishing existing orders with coming up with new pieces for Dec's Maad. I'm praying very hard that my fingers and mind don't fail me! Having a stall at Maad is more about the community experience rather than the sales, though it's usually harder cos I have to spend lots and work like mad to stock up for the 2-day market. Still the friendship, the bustling atmosphere and ahem the shopping more than makes up for it.

Managed to control the spending yesterday but I couldn't resist this little bunny mug made by Amy, from whom I got most of my japanese-style ceramic bowls from. Matt and I love her work to bits! So rustic and homely. I find it so adorable that the little rabbit's peeking out fr the top of the mug :)
This guppy bowls are so pretty too! It'll be pretty cool to see the little fishies "swimming" when there's soup or sake in the bowls. I thought they were teeny whales at first but Amy corrected my faux pas!
Amy will be at Dec's Maad on the 1st and 2nd so remember to check out her cool ceramics!


maki ♥ squarepatch said...

i nearly bought those bunny mugs!!!! for a friend's housewarming :) o wells. it's really cute!!!! -enqi

mesmerized said...

hello yiwen!
i've dropped u a mail last sat using my yahoo mail... hope u got it!
lookin' forward to ur reply soon :)

Wan said...

Oh, the mug's too cute! I have miss Maad so many times ever since August. LOL. If I see you at Dec's Maad, I will drop by to say hi! :)


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