Thursday, October 14, 2010

Queen of my heart

My name is yiwen and I like to collect trinkets - the older the better. It will lead to my downfall someday I'm sure, but for now I take delight in accumulating yet another necklace or bracelet to my overflowing jewellery box. My weakness is vintage lockets and today I thought I'd share one very special piece, which was a recent find but now an absolute favourite!

The treasure in mention is a 1920s goldtone locket with two aspects of the traditional Irish claddagh symbol - heart (love) and crown (loyalty). Monograms hold a special place in my heart because they are so personal and romantic. It's such a bonus then that the reverse side of the locket has the initals inscription"WJT to LMH", which makes me wonder about the plausible loving relationship between the giver and the recipient... :)
I suspect the rhinestones inset round the heart and tips of the crown are paste stones which are common of that era and though some stones and parts of the locket have somewhat darkened with time, it just adds to the aged charm of this very, very old locket. Isn't there just something hauntingly beautiful and ethereal about it? *soft sigh*
Every time I hold it, it feel like I'm also holding a piece of history in my hands.
How privileged I am to be its owner for the next few years, or decades!


OpusMuse said...

Hi Yiwen,
I love your collection of vintage lockets! I'm appreciate vintage jewelry very much & have started a modest collection. I wonder if this locket is for sale?
Thanks, Nicole.

yiwen said...

Hi Nicole,

Thank you for your interest! This locket is one of my prized possessions so I'm afraid I won't be able to part with it :p I wish you all the best in your search for more vintage pretties to add to your collection!



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