Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Angele Custos necklace - SGD 36 - Sold

We are on princess watch right now (38 weeks!) since my doctor claimed that I would most probably deliver before our estimated due date given how low the baby's engaged and the mild contractions the CTG I had showed. That hasn't stopped us from making all sorts of lunch/dinner plans till next week though, haha!

When I was expecting Nathan, I played it safe for a couple of weeks and tried to stay home as much as possible but by the time 39 weeks came round, I was bored out of my mind! Which led to me heading out pretty much every other day with the huge hippo of a belly till he was born exactly 1 week late, much to the mister's chagrin haha! This time we figured life should still go on normally, but of course sensibly :p

I have 2 pieces to list today, the first being this Angele Custos or Guardian Angel necklace, which is probably a sign that the motherly nesting instinct is kicking in (finally!).
This is a classic pendant necklace with a gorgeous intricately scrolled filigree angel charm hallmarked 925 at the back, hung on a simple 18" long sterling chain. Though the angel pendant is not vintage, the filigree work has an antique European charm about it, probably cos it is after all one of the oldest jewellery techniques around. A charming thoughtful gift for yourself or someone dear :)

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