Thursday, October 21, 2010

Funny little guy

It's been a while since I shared about our little boy who's growing up so fast everyday! He's got more hair now (thank God) and has developed an obsession with ice. We don't usually give him cold drinks except for the odd Yakult or Milo packet drink - he likes playing with the straws more than the drink itself - but he knows how to go up to the freezer and takes a cube of ice, juggles it around with both hands and eventually when it slides to the floor, he will actually go on all fours and lick it off the floor!! How endearing this little puppy is.

His recent past-time is playing football with his new friend, a 8 year old boy who lives just round the corner, and that makes mama happy too cos he's less of a grouch after having expended some energy outdoors with another child of the same energy level. Actually that makes 2 happy mamas.

His favourite colour is "yellow" (he will emphasise the "low" bit) followed by "blue" and all other colours of the spectrum do not exist.

He loves to eat baos, and everything else (cake/bread/biscuits etc.) is ''No no! Bao bao!" if a bao is in sight.

He acts as my alarm clock in the morning by climbing over the barricade surrounding his sleep area, opening his room door, opening my room door before proceeding to scare the daylights out of me by suddenly standing at my head and speaking in gibberish with a mope of bedhead hair.

He gave his first kiss to Miss Natalie, the lovely offspring of my dear friend Chris the baking domestic goddess. We are pretty sure it was intentional.

He likes and knows the song and actions to Little Einsteins and enjoys Timmy Time, but what I don't get is Pororo??!!!

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Elisha and Jo said...

He's so handsome!! So big now!

And I know right?! Why Pororo?! I don't get it either. Sigh... Me no likes Pororo.


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