Monday, October 11, 2010

More sold pieces

Things have been nothing short of wild around here, the boxes are stuffed to the brim, cupboards are emptied, shelves are dismantled.... oh yeah it really is happening! We are moving! I am still try ing to list new pieces here and there but our doctor reckons we should anticipate an early arrival of our baby girl and since I'm into my 37th week, it could be anytime soon. Yikes! He did comment on my lack of weight gain (I put on a measley 0.2 kg in 2 weeks instead of the average 0.5 kg gain per week in the last trimester) and well, I blame it on the stress of doing too many things at once. Though me thinks my total weight gain so far of 11 kg is pretty decent, the hubster thinks otherwise and has been busy stuffing me to make up for lost time :(

Anyway I had some pieces which didn't make it to the blog because they got claimed before I could list them:

Mewsette earrings
Hope Angel Ruby Charm Necklace
Gertrude's Song owl necklace
the cutest Heffalump Genius necklace
and a stunning emerald necklace
Maternity leave has officially begun so I am hoping to complete all pending transactions and mail out the packages within these couple of days. Thank you for your kind understanding! Will be back soon with more photo updates :)

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