Thursday, May 20, 2010

The story of a locket and a ring

{my antique locket necklace}

Everytime we go back to England, I always make sure we go up to London for the flea markets and to meet friends. It was no difference on our last trip back, except we had to drag the bub with us this time. And that takes preparation.

The first time, Nathan was happily snugly asleep on me on the crowded train when he decided to do a little burp followed by a super duper mega 'merlion' and threw up his entire breakfast all over me!! I can tell you it was not a small patch of posset, it was like he had downed an entire crate of Tiger beer!

Thankfully he decided to puke on mama just as we pulled into a station so we could escape quickly instead of having to sit through another 30min to London before having to head back home anyway! I had to hide in the toilet on the train all the way home cos I was soaked to my undergarments in vomit. Ugh.

So that marked our first failed attempt at London. We were grateful that we had a normal trip up on our 2nd attempt, though the weather was freezing and it drizzled loads. You can tell Nathan has English blood in him cos he could sleep through the cold and all in his buggy, and mind you, we didn't have one of those fancy eskimo-sled-looking-padded-covers that he could snuggle under. It was just your regular semi-upright-exposed McClaren. But he slept for hours anyway.

To make up for the earlier drama, I was able to coax the hubster into rewarding me with 2 beautiful turn-of-the-century antique lockets, one of which I used in the necklace above. This heart-shaped floral locket is from the 1900s and made of rolled gold. The other is a 9k gold oval locket with rose motifs from the 1890s and still has the original photo of a little girl in it! Kinda creepy but it was beautiful heh. They came at a price tag naturally and the seller was a no-nonsense East European obasan so it was intimidating enough just looking at the wares. Thankfully the exchange rate was in our favour so I didn't have to work hard at bargaining!

Some other interesting acquisitions this time include a very victorian emerald cut garnet ring and my favourite, a 1950 18ct gold and platinum diamond solitaire ring:

{vintage solitaire ring}

I love the mix of gold and platinum, and boy does the diamond bling!

I wear it as my 2nd engagement ring now, next to the princess cut sapphire ring I received 5 years ago :) Ooh how I love treasure trawling! You never know what you'll gonna find!

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