Monday, May 17, 2010

Coming soon!

Been working on some necklaces on-off amidst other things... it's so annoying when you're on one project when the inspiration for something entirely different hits and you just have to stop what you're doing to start something new! I have unfinished projects sitting on my table for aeons until inspiration strikes again and I am satisfied with how it looks. Guess that explains why custom orders are my Archilles' heel and take forever to complete (yikes!!)

I had originally planned to upload some new necklaces today but taking decent photos and basically just the act of listing always demands more time than you think. So yeah, yet again another bout of procrastination. Bleh. This time however, I am hoping to pack each one of them up first so that they are ready to go out the door once they have been snapped up. Maybe this will turn out to be a more efficient system? Let's wait and see.

Watch out for more details of when the new pieces will finally be available!

(though probably not Tuesday cos it's playgroup day for the little man :p )


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