Friday, May 21, 2010

All about a little guy

Just yesterday, our bub at home turned 15 months.
How fast little people grow!

12 interesting funny facts about our toddler:

1) His first proper word was "carrot" (don't ask me how or why, it happened in the UK as his grandpa gave him a real whole carrot to chew on). I've got it on video!

2) He can also say "car", "ball", "bubble" (sounds like "ba ball"), "bird", "milk", "flower" and its mandarin counterpart "hua" (sounds like "wah").

3) He can say "dada" and "mama" but he likes to wind us up by rarely calling us as such, I'm usually referred to "car". He knows where "mama's nose" is though and will point to the right body part on the right person. Phew!

4) His favourite programme is Hi 5. So now mama knows most of the song lyrics, dance steps and dating history of the cast.

5) He can sign "milk" and will ask for it at bedtime when he wants to go to bed. Some mutant signing of milk at other times just means he's hungry and wants munchies!!!

6) His favourite food right now is grapes and he can eat a whole cup of them while watching tv the way adults eat popcorn. Without looking.

7) He is Spiderman in disguise. When you're not looking, he has already scaled the window as high as your shoulder. Gives me heart attacks. Especially when he does those circus knee hooks across the grilles and gives you the look that he's gonna let go.

8) He knows when it's time for a nappy change and will always run as far away from you as he can. But he will come running back when it's milk time and dutifully sit down without being told.

9) He is one of those kids who likes to embarrass you by lying on the floor in public places, screaming and squirming when we try to drag him away from where he wants to go.

10) He knows it's prayer time before milk and will even remind us by clasping his hands together if we forget!

11) He is the youngest in his playgroup but he is the loudest, noisiest, most restless among his classmates and will almost invariably be the one running amok. This week, he led a mutiny in class and everyone went crazy at the same time!! It's a miracle we haven't been kicked out yet.

12) I think he's gonna be a left-hander. And he's quite deft with both feet! Daddy is already mighty pleased with his footy skills at the prodigy age of 15 months. It's his handbag fetish I'm worried about.

It's amazing how children's looks keep changing too! Nate's hair colour is growing lighter so now I do get asked more often about his heritage by aunties when we go to the market. And maybe cos he doesn't look much like me! Haha! At least I haven't been mistaken for a kid-napper yet :p

a proud mama i am,

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Chris The Baker said...

LOVE your post babe!
Cherns & I laughed so much with every point!
Go Nate! You're the MAN!


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