Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nathan traces his English roots - Easter 2010

I have been bugged by friends who complain about this blog needing more updates! (i know i know) So here finally are the pictures from our trip back to UK, like erm almost 2 months ago. Haha! It was Nathan's first time back in England since he was born as we had to postpone the trip at the height of the H1N1 epidemic. He'd only met his grandparents once when he was 2 months old and now it was time to meet the rest of the family!

Spring came late this year so it was still winter wear for us in late March/April.

Nate adjusted well to the cold weather but not his weakling of a mummy who spent as much time as possible indoors and under covers. In front of the telly with Bargain Hunt and Move to the Country. And Top Gear. Hee hee.

They start them young on footie in this family.
He is turning out to be quite the kicker too!

Inquisitively checking out the garden

I just love this shot of him :)

So this is what being a mummy of 2 feels like!

(thrashing and writhing included)

Going to Odds Farm with Nathan and his 4.5 yo cousin Liam

Nate patting an unsuspecting goat

feeding the young lambs milk

Can you spot Nate?

The Easter hunt is on!

Boys will be boys.

Bruises and cuts aside, he also suffered a nasty graze by his left eye while playing.
Liam was not much better. They always looked like they'd been fighting!

The little man grew up loads during our time there and began to demand feeding himself at mealtimes.
And us too, unfortunately.

In case you didn't know, Nathan is one bub who will try anything.

He joined his grandparents in their gardening and basically tasted everything there was - grit, twigs, leaves and all - except worms. Then again, we can never be sure what happens when your back is turned.

And a very scummy little boy crying when we stopped him from lapping up the rest of the suspicous-looking murky birdbath water. SIGH.

Guess we can be consoled in that he's building up his immune system! :p

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En said...

Glad that you put up your UK pics! Little Nathan's looking more and more like his daddy! :)


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