Friday, May 21, 2010

Custom necklace - Hermione

A kind lovely lady really liked Tooting Tootsie and actually managed to find an owl pin just like it! She asked me to help her with an owl necklace and pretty much left it to my devices :) I incorporated the adorable tooting missy into this 24" long necklace with vintage lucite flowers, brass leaves, black agate donut, tassels and used lots of different textured chains and hoops for a completely asymmetrical look on the neck. The details aren't very obvious in the pics so she has to take my word for it hehe.

Considering I could only work in bursts of inspiration and time pockets, I'm just glad I managed to finish Hermione before 2010 is up! Thanks for letting me have the freedom in creating, I really like the end result and almost wish I could keep her for myself! :p

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