Monday, May 05, 2008

Flu bug alert!

I can't believe how the week just passed! Must be this nasty bug circulating at home, first the hubster was down for a couple of days, after that it was poor moi who had to stay in bed for the long labour day weekend. What a bummer!! I'm still not perfect but am well enough to sit at the computer and answer some emails. My apologies to those who've emailed me and are awaiting my replies! This little bout of flu has pushed my schedule back quite a bit so I'm having to rush all the urgent wedding orders on hand. As I'll be going away for 2 weeks in June, I'm afraid I will have to review any new custom requests and accept them on a case-by-case basis, as long as they are within material and time constraints. Thank you for bearing with me!

Now I have to go take some paracetemol for this headache of mine and finish up those necklaces. I can't wait to finish this batch and then take another long break. We'll be heading up to Port Dickson in Malaysia for our church camp followed by my annual holiday with the girls. This time we're headed to Japan yay! Flipping excited about the onsen, food and of cos the shopping for jewellery supplies! Sheer bliss.

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