Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shop update - 13 Dec

In case you're wondering, yes I'm back from my Bintan getaway but the lack of updates has been cos the bub and I succumbed yet again to the flu! That kept me out of action for the week which is frankly quite annoying since we'd only just recovered from the last bout. This time we're taking no chances so it's straight to the doc instead of "waiting to see if it gets worse". Poor nathan is still sniffly and snotty but otherwise happily taking his first steps and waving bye bye to everyone in sight. Such a cutie! As for mama here, I practically finished a box of panadol flu max before kleenex stopped being my best friend.

This weekend has also been packed with a friend's baby girl's first month celebration and an old friend's wedding! All that buzz is seriously tiring us out! Thankfully I was able to finish some pieces last week before the flu hit so I have added these new items to the shop today! I will be taking a break come the next weekend to get the house in order for Christmas and spend some time with the family. Looking forward to some nice ham and pudding! Hope you're having a blast planning the hols too! :)

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