Sunday, February 11, 2007


My childhood friend Cara is in town visiting her relatives here from Australia and she brought this lovely wedding pressie for us!! It's a Willow Tree figurine by Susan Lordi called "Promise". Ain't it lovely??!! Matt and I had an issue to sort out on Sat (euphemism for argument haa) and he was in the room while I was sitting in the lounge. Somehow sitting there facing the sunset and looking at this embracing couple reminded me of how we'd promised to stay by each other no matter what and that just made me realise how silly this "issue" was in the light of a lifetime of marriage. So I went back to the room and we made up in no time :)

At our premarital counselling group last year, we were asked what would make us consider leaving our spouses, naturally factors such as adultery, abuse etc. all popped out of our mouths. Until the facilitators gently pointed out the fact that we were considering leaving our spouses at all! The truth is God intended for marriage to be sacred, that a husband and wife should cleave to each other and become one. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines cleaving as "adhering firmly and closely or loyally and unwaveringly". Imagine that! From that moment on, we agreed that we would put our marriage in the never-never box, which is to say no matter what happens in future, we would never never leave each other.

Well, naturally a lifetime of facing each other means it would be better to just work through issues instead of spending all this time being upset with each other! :p

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