Saturday, February 10, 2007

New Challenger hideout!

We've just come back from our new place and it was so so so hot!! Think the dry season's finally here huh we'd spent only a while in the pool at 9am and already I'm as brown as grilled beef (bad analogy). Matt wanted to do up the stuff we got fr Ikea (he loves that sort of DIY thingies) while I happily went out to get food and take pictures of him shirtless working the tools.
nice view of the blue sky fr the sofa looking out

matt hiding his shirtless self behind the side-table
What else did I do? Play with my beads of cos! Look at all these gorgeous pendants from Karin. Thought matt had misplaced my stuff cos he's been packing my stuff into boxes but nope it was on the worktable's trestle haaa ~ they will be my project after CNY! :)

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