Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happy New Year! (and back to work folks)

Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone! Hope you've had a wonderful restful new year! I was down with a superbug over the hols so thank God for many days of sleep :) Plus this being my last year of receiving angbaos ... *sniff* You think that a wedding next month would plug the relatives' mouths about settling down but no, it's babies this time! *shudder* We can never win.

Anyway I'm sorry I haven't posted any new stuff yet, I've got a couple of necklaces, bracelets and earrings waiting to make their pretty appearances but unfortunately the photos aren't ready yet. And I'll be heading into M'sia to visit Viv tomorrow so I can only post them online this weekend. Do keep a lookout for them! Though I'm still in the mood for chinois, I think I'm slowly easing out of my oriental obsession and into a new bolder, chunkier phase heh ~

Meanwhile I'll be working on more pieces till it's martini time at Morton's! Yes I know I'm a lucky girl, don't have to be back in the office till Monday and I get to enjoy morton's famous steak sandwiches later! muahahaha... but really it's gonna be a sharing of horror new year stories with Val and Jeremy. Bet they have even more to share!! :p

Here's a pretty dolly piece I couldn't resist:

Petal Fresh - SGD 28 - Sold
Pale pink & white clay flowers, unusual white cloisonne charms and a good dose of fresh green! Large faceted olivine drops with smaller gummy green drops, and bits of green goodness ~ Drop is 6 cm (gold-plated hooks).


Anonymous said...


I really love your creations and admire your talent. Your accessories are so pretty. :)

Oh, and I think i saw you today at Heeren. Wonder if you've been there. Don't be frightened by this! I am not a stalker! Just thought you look familiar. :P

yiwen said...

Hi there! Thanks for your kind words :) Yeah I was there doing some shopping! haha... I guess that's what happens when you post your photos online :p


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