Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Deneuve - SGD 138 - Sold

:: worn with locket ::
:: worn without locket ::
Dramatic and soft both at once, Deneuve is a breath of fresh air with a beautifully preserved turquoise-accented vintage silver tone leaf brooch, blue lace agate carved rose,  gemstones of green amethyst, moonstone, mystic topaz and blue sapphire as well as excellent grade blush pink freshwater pearls. A little surprise comes in the form of a sterling book style locket with a detachable cz-encrusted bail so it can be removed and worn alone on the (surprise again!) sterling chain that is also detachable from the main necklace itself. 

A full necklace, a locket necklace and a bracelet - 3 piece in 1 - what more can one ask for in a single trinket? :)

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