Saturday, May 07, 2011

Life happened

Has it really been 2 months since I last blogged? By golly! I must have been so consumed by domesticities to have neglected this blog for so long! Being at home most of the time has rekindled my interest in cooking and baking so yes, I think the term "domesticities" is well-qualified here.

:: home-baked blueberry muffins ::

Being a mother of 2 is a whole new ball game. New home, new baby, new school, new habits, new routines, new messiness... The funny thing is I'm actually enjoying every moment of it! It isn't always all fun though, we had 2 sick kiddies and a sick Daddy for a long while but everyone is now well and kicking again - hooray! Right now I'm hoping to get the littlest member to entertain herself for a bit so I can finally pick up those pliers and work those trinkets again :)

For our family and friends who visit here for updates on the Challenger household, here is what we've been up to the last few months:
♥ February ♥

:: Nathan turned 2! ::
We had a wonderful Thomas-themed party and even a pinata for some batting fun.
Just check out the awesome delish carrot birthday cake that Chris baked!

♥ March ♥
:: 5 years + 2 kids later ::
We celebrated our wedding anniversary by having a nice quiet romantic dinner sans kids. No luxury of a long evening out but at least I got to get out of t-shirts and shorts for a bit. Yippee!

♥ April ♥

:: A wedding in the family! ::
It was our first time out soooo late with the kiddies, by the time we got everyone in bed it was nearly midnight. Needless to say the entire family was pretty much concussed the day after as well. Still we were of very happy to be part of the day's celebration after having watched the devoted couple (my stunning cousin and her dashing hubby) date for a staggering 12 years! Watching their wedding montage of pictures taken in their old school uniforms - I'm pretty sure they got new ones in a larger size - and in their old school compound nonetheless brought me seriously close to tears. How rare and how sweet to marry your first love!

♥ Today ♥

:: Sarah tasting cereal for the 1st time ::

:: Guess who ain't liking what she's eating? ::

Thank you for taking the time to catch a glimpse into my life!
Can you tell I'm a very blessed and happy woman? :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xxx

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