Tuesday, March 01, 2011

All about Sarah

I have the sweetest baby at home.
Her name is Sarah Emma and she's now 3 months old.

She is such a bundle of giggles and smiles I wanna kiss her all the time.

Some days she looks so cute and does silly things she cracks me up.
Other days she makes me wanna cry.

And sometimes she looks so much like her brother I feel odd dolling her up in a dress!
I am already thinking of making baby jewels for her :)

Sorry if things have been a bit slow on this side, I am busy with fitting work in round her fitful snatches of cat naps. Drives me nuts taking all those time to put her down only to have her wake barely 30min later. And she still wakes every 2 hours at night like clockwork, even if not to feed. What is it with my children who don't seem to like sleeping very much?? Clearly they did not inherit that trait from me.

1 comment:

SabbieW said...

When i see the first picture ... i was already going to ask why she look so much like her brother!!! lol with a sweet girly smile and twinkle in the eye though :) you are so blessed... Congrats!


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