Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hello lovelies! I have been working on making new pieces for the blog which has become rather lonely in my long absence - here are some sneaks of things to come! They will be listed as and when time and well, the children permit. If something catches your eye and you can't wait, please feel free to write me! :)

After much consideration, I have decided that it is time to streamline the closet so I will be releasing (online) vintage and new dresses and of course antique jewellery from my personal collection! I have more than 50 vintage frocks alone, not to mention contemporary dresses and the trinkets. There are some 40s rayon, some 50s waisted and an Estevez, among others. It is quite insane my closet is so packed it's bursting and I can't wear half the stuff since having 2 babies. If you are about a UK size 8-10, love vintage, love jewellery and wanna come by to see them in person, I will release more information on how you can do that if you drop me an email. Which means I need to sort the stash out asap!

With that I wish you a fantastic weekend! We are having a quiet weekend at home since the Daddy and I have not had much shut eye the last few nights. See you back here real soon!

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Elisha & Jo said...

me me me!! I wanna see your vintage dress collection babe! how are you? sent you an sms a month or so back but I guess you have been busy. hurhurhur... wanna go see you, Sarah and Nate too!


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