Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Necklaces

{petite etoile and petite coeur necklaces}

I added two new simple necklaces to the shop yesterday. They were born out of my own need for simple fuss free chains to go with all the fancy earrings that I make and wear. Although with Nathan now, it means I prefer to wear studs which he cannot tug and threaten to split my lobes in two... There are still days I just like something easy to wear and petite coeur is one of them :)

(Oh wow she got sold even before I blogged about it! Thanks S!)

Next meet little MissTooting Tootsie. She's a charmer of a vintage black enamel and gold owl pin with rhinestones round her eyes that I picked up on a Portobello trawl, like 2 years back? I seriously dig this babe! How cute is she?~! I plan to go back to my more complex necklace designs soon but that'll probably have to wait till we return from UK, with hopefully lotsa treasures and newfound inspiration in tow!

yippee yay yay,

1 comment:

mesmerized said...

heya yiwen,
loving the necklaces!

i've emailed u... do check ur inbox yea regarding the purchase of necklaces.

michelle oh


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