Thursday, March 11, 2010

A birthday and an update

New additions to the shop!

I know it's been the longest time. As V so succintly put it, "your last blog post was dated 9 Feb!!" I can only plead procrastination what with all the Chinese New Year celebrations, and Nathan's 1st birthday bash just a week later. Yes, a full whole year of 365 days has come and gone and our little man is now a full fledged toddling toddler!We had 2 parties for him on the actual day of his birthday - 20 Feb - one for his kiddy friends in the afternoon and another one for the whole clan (my side of cos) at his grandparents' place at night. That Saturday was really the longest day of our lives, if you exclude the wedding and nathan's birth naturally.The kids were such a riot! But so memorable nonetheless :) As we are heading back to the UK over the Easter break, Nathan gets to have another 1st birthday party with his dad's side of the family and relive his special day all over again! I'm just glad I don't have to plan this one haha. We are really looking forward to going back for the first time with Nathan, it really is high time he got in touch with his English roots! Not to mention enjoy a break from the crazy heat that was February. April showers here we come!

in vacation mode already,

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