Wednesday, March 24, 2010

my hero

{ daddy and a 2 mth old nathan}
Today we celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary, and everyday I thank God that he put such a godly loving man in my life.

Thank you honey for putting up with my whims and nonsense all these years. And loving me all the same - quirks, warts and all.

Thank you for making me talk whenever I clam up during an argument. And for always saying sorry first even if I was the one at fault.

Thank you for being such an amazing hands on daddy. And for putting Nathan to bed every night so I can have a break.

And oh, have I thanked you for that lovely Kate Spade bag yet?

You know how shy I am about public declarations, so here's a simple
happy 4th anniversary sweetheart :)

You know I ♥ you.

1 comment:

Chris The Baker said...

Happy Anniversary! Again?? Didn't you guys just celebrate it with a stay-cation not too long ago? Man, time flies!
And how come blogspot doesn't have one of those "Like" buttons that I can click???
Have a great holiday in the UK!
See you soon.


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