Saturday, November 28, 2009

What the little guy has been up to

Little Nathan had his first major illness a couple of weeks back which was also the first time he was properly sick since he was born. What started out as a seemingly harmless little temperature from teething turned out to be something more sinister.
He became very listless, rejected his porridge at meal-times and even went off his milk. We took him to the doc's thinking it was something minor and was given some meds for his cough and runny nose. But a few days later he still hadn't gotten better so we had to go back to the doc's again. At this point the poor little guy had lost his voice and had such an awfully runny and blocked nose that he could not sleep lying down at all and whimpered constantly through the nights. It was heartbreaking.
This time he was diagnosed with a lung infection and was so choked with phlegm he had to be put on the nebuliser every 4 hours for 4 days. Those were difficult times as any parent who has had to nebulise their child (for the 1st time at least) can identify with.
A week later (and after much struggles and tears!), he was soooo much better I didn't mind that he passed his bug to me!
After he recovered, he became his cheerful self again and even speeded up on his baby steps "training" as if to make up for lost time.
You learn that the smile on your child's face cannot be taken for granted.
And that a cute toothy grin is priceless!
A happy baby = a happy mummy :)

thankful for the bub noise and all,

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