Friday, July 03, 2009

Will you help give her bullets to fight?

(photo of Charmaine from her website)

If you're a fellow Singaporean, I'm sure you would have recognised this adorable little girl by now. She is Charmaine Lim, a 4 year old who is in the 4th stage of a rare cancer called neuroblastoma. At such a tender age, she has to undergo chemotherapy and battle simply to live. No young child should have to undergo the pain and suffering she is going through right now. As a mother, my heart breaks to even just imagine the thought of my child dying so young.

Right now her family and loved ones are busy working against time to raise half a million Singapore dollars for a treatment only available in a US hospital to improve her chances of survival. Please help them give feisty Charmaine a fighting chance by supporting them in their fundraising efforts. We can do what we can by contributing financially, encouraging Charmaine and her family as well as spreading the word so that more can help.

More importantly let us give them hope that we care because every child's life is precious and even more so that little Charmaine is one of our own.

You can read about Charmaine's story here and find out more on cash donations and other fundraising efforts here.


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