Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's in the mail today?

Just a little glimpse into some of the gift boxes that went into the post recently... these were for the first few purchases from the new shoppe. Some were from dear old customers who have been with me for years! And others, fairly new friends :) Hope you ladies enjoy your new goodies!

I'm working on a new series yet again but the little man has been all cranky and out of sorts so it's gonna take a while I reckon. Doesn't help that he's not been sleeping great at night either! We've not slept beyond 3 hours at a stretch for such a long time that I wonder if my body even remembers how to! Sigh.
grateful for any sleep at all,


Chris The Baker said...

He's probably teething my dear. Nat went through that most recently too. The morning after one particular night which she woke up a gazillion times, Lo & Behold! I saw her upper whites showing through the gums! She's back to her regular sleeping though the night now + longer even. :0)

And the remembering how to sleep for long stretches? Won't come anytime soon. Even now, I can't sleep for long stretches without being half awake, anxious that Nat might be fussing and I may not hear her!

Jump at any opportunity that your parents or Matt offer to care for Nate. *Hugs*

estherlim said...

Hi Yiwen,
Thanks for the customized box with an "e" ;) Love it! Plus the earrings! Love em too! ;D


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