Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Willow Frond - SGD 45 (only pair) - Sold

The belly is now 37 weeks so not long now! He's not a small baby so we're psyching up for his arrival anytime. We've been pretty occupied with sorting out the nursery and couldn't be more pleased that the long-awaited cot finally turned up!! For a while we thought he might have to fit in our chest of drawers haha. And then came days of baby laundering ~ our weekends were burnt just washing and ironing and reorganizing the kitchen for bottles and other baby equipment. It was so adorable seeing the little booties and rompers hanging out to dry that it made up for all that time spent doing laundry :)

Sadly I've had to stop playing with my beads cos the belly's too big and uncomfortable to fit at the work desk. It doesn't help that the minute I sit there, he keeps squirming nonstop until I have to go lie down. But thankfully I was able to squeeze out pockets of time here and there so here are some new earrings just in time for Chinese New Year! They are all specially priced at $45 for the festive season :)

Willow Frond

Cherry quartz carved roses and tourmaline clusters atop jade drops with petite leaves.
Drop is 3.8cm from goldfilled hooks.

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