Monday, January 12, 2009

More Christmas pictures

I have no idea we took so many pictures over Christmas! Guess I was more trigger happy than I thought haha! I half-wish we still had our Sony T10 (the camera that got snitched in Bangkok) so maybe the photos would have turned out better and I wouldn't have to spend hours altering them into something more decent. Oh well... we make do with what we have, though I am making sure we borrow something good for the birth!

Dec 28th 2008

What do you need when making good old brandy butter?
A good old-fashioned cookbook of cos!

And nothing beats the heirloom of a treasure recipe book that the hubster smuggled from home when he moved out here. If you look carefully, you can see the year his mommy got it from her school - 1963!
We brought Matt's homemade brandy butter to the Chngs for yet again another round of face-stuffing. This is what happens when you have too much leftover turkey and pudding. You invite less fussy friends over to help clear the fridge.

Having the Challengers at any Christmas feast always entails being coerced into following the Challenger tradition of having Christmas crackers and wearing funny paper crowns throughout dinner. Here Matt is demonstrating how the crackers worked. Everyone was really game so it was a great laugh! I'm just glad I got to work the camera so no funny shots of me haha!

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