Saturday, December 27, 2008

The day before Christmas

Some last minute crafting and handmade gifts...

hanging my favourite pooh ornament which I've had since I was 10...

popping over to the Chngs for carols and a pig-out...

(dang I forgot to take photos of the carollers!)

and of cos a homemade log cake!

And have I mentioned our little Christmas Eve miracle?

It'd been raining the whole day and our front porch was all slippery and wet so of cos I put on my anti-slip shoes to head out to the Chngs. Who would have known that anti-slip isn't always anti-slip??!! So there I was, a 8mth preggie hippo sprawled on her butt in the rain and scaring the living daylights out of the hubby and baby's godma. They were like, oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness! Do you need to go to the hospital??! And I was like, YeowwOUCH!! Until I realised it wasn't the belly or hips that hurt, but my right arm which I used to break my fall. There was no bleeding, no cramps, no nothing!

Turns out I'd landed on the fleshy right butt-cheek which cushioned the shock so it didn't hurt one bit and there was no bruise at all!! For someone who bruises as easily as a peach, that really said something. Amazingly I did not break/dislocate my arm as well so all I had were some minor grazes. Praise God for his protection over the wee one or we might have had to spend Christmas Eve in hospital!

So yeah a prayer of thanksgiving and a change of clothes later, we were on our way to Christmas carols and turkey and roast beef and opening the first pressies when the clock struck 12. This is definitely a story that's gonna be retold in christmases to come! :p

Hope you had a blessed Christmas filled with love and joy too!

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