Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sarah's Special Saturday

♥ Happy 4th birthday baby girl! 

As her last few birthday parties didn't quite materialise according to plan, we decided to throw her a proper party this year complete with HER friends. And since we were doing it at all, we had to go kamikaze -- baking her birthday cakes for both the school and party, organizing party games with prizes, preparing the party food ourselves and having a barbeque for the poor adults to tune out the noise of shrieking children with burgers and beer. 

It was an insane 4 hrs! Clearly the kids and grown-ups had too much fun and decided that cake and booze were worth skipping afternoon naps for.  With that, our Sarah turns a year older and leaves babyhood further behind. Man, where did all that time go?

I think I need another glass of wine now.

Goodnight world!

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