Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Some Christmas Cheer!

Just 2 weeks to Christmas Day!

I've been happily sneaking in some Christmas crafting, dressing up the house for the holiday season and humming to those addictive carols.. which made me think, hey it's about time I finally took a break! To sit back and bake those cookies, put up new family photos on the walls and (maybe) finally sew those giant stockings for the kids! (I have a feeling that won't happen this year. Again)

Which leads me to announce that my last day of shipping will be Dec 17th Tuesday and I'll be back in early January next year. So, if there's something on your wishlist that you've been waiting to get, here's a little reminder not to wait too long and as a little bonus, I'm marking down some pieces from the earlier releases! I hope that will spread some cheer all around :) 

Enjoy the end of year festivities and let's meet here again in 2014!

All my best,

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