Saturday, November 16, 2013

:: Christmas 2013 :: Gemstone Lettergram necklace

 Christmas 2013 Lettergram collection  
The Gemstone Lettergram necklace is a customisable gemstone lavalier necklace featuring initial letter charms. The pictures show a sample 14k rose goldfill necklace of a letter "E" charm on a pink garnet chain.
Please pick and choose from each of the 3 categories to create your own Gemstone Lettergram necklace:

1) Sterling silver  (SGD 75) or 14k rose goldfill (SGD 89)

2) Gemstone choices: labradorite (grey), moonstone (white), peridot (green), pink garnet, green onyx

(*Rubies, sapphires and emeralds are available at additional cost. If you would like specific gemstones or stones in a specific colour, please drop me a line and we can work together from there.)

Freshwater pearl choices: white, cream, pale pink

2) Letter charms in stock (this list will be kept up to date):

Sterling silver  - D, E, K, L, M, Y, M, N, R.

Rose goldfill - C, E, V, Y.

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