Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Studio Notice

T'was a day of hearts in the workroom ~

Come next week, I will be jetting off to Tokyo with my bestie (no hubby! no kids!) for a badly-needed-much-craved-sanity-preserving holiday so please note the no-shipping dates in case you were looking to pick something up on short notice. 

No shipping dates: 25th Oct Thurs - 31st Oct Wed

I am totally psyched about stuffing my face with all the sashimi+sushi+ramen+tempura+cute confections Japan has to offer and checking out the cool cafes in the cool zakka neighbourhoods without having to rush through a cuppa coffee because the kids are getting restless/destroying furniture/needing to use the loo. The hubby will not be grumpy with me for stepping into another kawaii shop for the gazillionth time and I will finally get to soak in an onsen because the last time I was in nippon land, I had a wriggling little embryo growing inside me which turned out to be a little cheeky rascal in the form of Nathan. Nearly 4 years ago. So radiation or not, Tokyo here I come!

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