Monday, November 26, 2012

Someone turned 2

Our little girl celebrated her 2 years old birthday recently and we had a little do for her with just family and close friends. As you can see, the theme of the party was Hello Kitty since she adores cats. Our dear friend Chris baked this awesome rainbow Kitty cake which was irresistibly cute!
At 2 years of age, Sarah is turning out to be quite the firecracker! She has a feisty temper and is quite happy bossing her brother around or putting her baby doll on the "naughty step". 3 minutes! She'll tell her doll and hold up 3 fingers, which is hilarious.

She appears to have a flair for linguistics by being able to speak full sentences in English and Mandarin already, though sometimes not quite grammatically sound. You can actually have a proper little conversation with her. She loves singing and dancing and is quite a performer too, just look at the pictures from the kids' end of year school concert below. She's the little curly sue right at the end :)
Happy birthday our little princess!
You have been such a blessing to us and we love you so much!

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