Thursday, June 23, 2011

Voices in my head

St. Claire necklace
Duchess necklace
La Chanson necklace
Bejewelled necklace

All these pieces here were sold in the blink of an eye, thank you so much! I feel incredibly blessed to have such wonderful support, it really spurs me on to keep persevering despite the naysaying voices in my head!

Sometimes I wonder if I should look at this endeavour as a "professional venture" when in all honesty I know I don't. In this season of my life, my primary role and focus is wife, mother, homemaker. If my kids fall sick, if the larder needs replenishing, if overseas friends come to visit, I instinctively and unquestioningly take time away from the workroom to do what needs to be done. And surely you don't do that if it's some kind of "official" or "professional" job?

Not to say I don't enjoy my time in the studio, oh I love just hanging around there! It gives me great satisfaction and immense enjoyment and I wish I were more able to juggle my time wisely so I wouldn't feel this dissatisfied from being pulled away by daily obligations. Perhaps the lesson I need to learn is to not let what I do determine my self-worth, or let myself be subject to the world's definition of success. There is nothing embarrassing about being a stay home mom and not having to go back to a regular job. So why do I still hesitate in replying when people ask what I do?

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