Friday, June 03, 2011

I think I am obsessed

Took these photos for a really thoughtful hubby looking for a birthday gift for his wife to put pictures of their bub in. How sweet is that! Eventually he chose one from a different set - a pretty heart-shaped cameo locket - which I think makes a wonderful gift for a new mom!

Going through my jewellery chest (it's no longer just a box or two) made me realize just how many amazing pieces I have and that I really need to make sure none of them feels left out and neglected. The above lockets are but a few from my own collection, I haven't photographed those that I love and wear a lot cos I don't wanna disappoint folks with tantalizing pictures of pieces that ain't available! This is just a selection from the locket section. Now is this jewellery-collecting an obsession or what?

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