Saturday, November 13, 2010

Still waiting

Can't believe I'm saying this but yup we're still pregnant and waiting!

9 days past the EDD and the little one is still too comfy and snug in the mothership to come out and say hi. No show, no breaking of waters, just a whole lot of contractions from a very "irritated uterus" for the last few weeks. After all those warnings about a possible early delivery, we didn't think #2 would outlast #1 in the womb!

At our 41st week checkup, the scan showed her weighing more than 3.8 kg (that's more than 8 pounds!), such a far cry from the puny little thing the gynae said she was a few months back! I was even advised to eat more so she would put on weight as well. Guess who has the last laugh now?

Being bigger than expected has meant being more tired than usual, but thankfully there have been spurts of renewed energy (nesting instincts perhaps?) which I'm so grateful for after being sluggish for so long. I was able to have some lunch dates this week, and we even took the little guy out for a haircut and the usual grocery trip while lugging the 41-week belly around! Bet you wouldn't have guessed I was that pregnant if you'd passed me on the street :p

We have been very blessed with a kind pro-natural doctor who has been very supportive of our decision to not induce labour but to wait for the process to kick start naturally. Naturally he had to advise us of the possible scenarios that could arise from prolonged labour e.g. the placenta calcifies and becomes less efficient, the baby passes meconium inside the womb, the risk of c-section increases etc. Thankfully our health checks have been nothing short of normal and healthy so he is happy for one more week to pass before "he loses the courage to wait" (his exact words - I found that amusing!).

While being induced is a fairly common thing nowadays, we still believe God's plan is perfect and so we choose to trust God and wait for our Sarah Emma to arrive at His appointed timing. After all the drama while expecting Nathan (you can read it here), we should not be surprised that expecting Sarah would bring along its own set of stories and "challenges" (pun intended).

Among other things, by being late the little one has given us time to move into our new home while in my 39th week, settle all the remaining renovations in my 40th week so that there will be no more strange people going in and out and other dust/noise/disturbances when she finally arrives! :)

Thank you so much for your sweet emails and comments of encouragement, we have been so blessed to have many friends and family praying for us and being sensitive by NOT asking me everyday whether I have popped yet. That, my friends, is the number 1 bane of every pregnant woman who is this close to delivering but not quite there yet. Especially for a fairly overdue expectant mummy with an unbelievably itchy stretched belly and a very squashed tiny bladder.

Our dear baby girl,

The whole world is waiting for you to show your cute little face. Please come out soon and say hi ok?



en said...

I'm amazed - you are still pregnant!! And very energetic too! Going for lunch dates and bringing Nathan for a haircut..... Haha you go girls!! (mummy and lil sarah)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh... your stomach's really big!! All the best!! And have a safe delivery.


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