Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Post Halloween rumble

Help! My belly's alive!

(Can't believe I'm still pregnant. Guess the bub is applying for permanent residency inside moi)


whenpenmeetspaper said...

Cute! But...does it hurt?
God bless baby Sarah.

Ruth said...

rofl. :) she's an active one!
I also couldn't wait to evict babyK when she was due! Drove me nuts.

Elisha and Jo said...

oh man!! nostalgia! I remember that... :) magical. Sarah- come out soon so Aunty Jo can hold you! :)

GemStyling said...

Oh that looks way to freaky. I still remember my first camped out under my rib and I burped for 4 months.

PS my second is 8 mos and I never get any sleep so enjoy your peace and quiet now!!!!!


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