Saturday, July 03, 2010


Thank you again for your incredible support - most of the necklaces were snapped up so quickly! I never cease to be amazed at how blessed I am to have such wonderful supportive appreciation. Thank you so very very much! I have on a necklace roll lately and still have more works in progress which could not make the uploads today. Also I received new batches of gorgeous gems this week which I'm dying to get started on. Could it be the pre-pop dash of creativity?

And now for some family news...

Please say hi to our Sarah Emma!

Oh yes you read right! While I blogged here that Nathan was gonna have a little brother come early November, we found out at my detailed scan that the wee little one in my oven was gonna be a princess! We were punk'ed! It was such a HUGE surprise but we are thrilled nonetheless to have a baby girl after experiencing the hyperactivity of active little boys. The grandmothers are already very very very excited to have their 1st granddaughter (on both sides) on the way and have been happily adding pink frocks to their shopping list.

I'm 22 weeks along now and can't wait till Sarah comes to join the brood! Perhaps it was a good idea I did not share the name of Nathan's supposed little "brother" earlier? Our gynae was 90% certain it was a boy but I guess he got punk'ed by the cheeky princess too! Let's just hope there won't be any more surprises! :)

Have a lovely rainy snuggly weekend x

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Irene said...

Hi congrats on your girl ya, can just imagine all the cutesy stuff you can can now shop for her. By the way, I am looking for preloved boys' apparel for my babe. Let me know if you have any to let go :)


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