Thursday, July 22, 2010

The amazing Hedwig! - Sold

Another owl darling that I found hard to part with... the cutest vintage white enamel owl brooch with blue spots and sparkly emerald eyes! Hedwig itself measures about2" tall with a wingspan of 1.5" and is most likely to hail from the 60s-70s era!

Gemstones used include large green onyx, petite pink topaz and garnet brios with tourmaline accents. A motley of antiqued-gold, thick brass and oxidised silver chains were also mixed for textural interest.


twiverhamu said...

Just wanted to say that I really liked this piece!! Too bad I'm too late. =p

yiwen said...

Thanks dear! It really is such a cutie I found it hard to part with it myself! ;p


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