Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flora and Fawn - SGD 112 - Sold

I've just listed 3 new chirpy colourful necklaces made up of assorted vintage flowers and components - hope you'll like them! They will come in a personalised gift box, as those of you who have laid your hands before on a collaged necklace like these will know. Just my little way of thanking you for your amazing support! (though you'll have to pardon the lack of creative spark - they come in bits and spurts)

Necklaces can be lengthened/shortened so please just drop me a note in your email! :)

:: Floral Rhapsody series ::

An adorable little baby fawn plays hide & seek amidst the meadow of vintage enamel flowers and preloved rhinestone components. Pendant is a gorgeous opalite sky blue swarovski drop. Freshwater pearls, rose quartz and rhodochrosite dot the fancy linked 14k gold-filled chain. Necklace measure approx. 18" in length.


Missy J said...

Can I check if Flora and Fawn has already been sold and if not I am interest to buy.

yiwen said...

Hi Missy J, I'm afraid the necklace has been taken. Thank you for your interest!



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