Saturday, February 06, 2010


In case you haven't noticed, 3 new pieces were added to the little shop yesterday before I went out to meet the polo girls for the evening. By 10pm, my eyes were glazed and I started to take in only bits and pieces of the conversation. That goes to show how early my bedtime has become! It's funny how conversations have started to revolve around kids - though I'm the only mama, everyone has nephews! - making me feel somewhat auntified among us four.

We reminisced about how fearsome (haha) we were in the pool, but more often than not we lamented the distant memories of lean muscles and toned biceps, nicely tanned skin and the ability to stuff our face without weight concerns. Doesn't help that our male counterparts of old still look as fit as before and 1) continue to be active in the sport or 2) go on to other sporting endeavours like marathoning! The only exercise I get nowadays is toddler-chasing, which I should add, is surprisingly effective though much much much less glamourous.

I've not really blogged much about my past outdoorsy life cos frankly I've either lost/misplaced the photos from those days. But in our last spring cleaning, I found a CD containing some old kayaking pictures (Viv you can ask me for them heh) and since we're in the mood for some nostalgia, here they are! Please don't be amazed that I actually am in these photos, albeit much much much fitter and darker than I am now. Haha!

Yes this was my life till 6 years ago.
Ah, such fond memories...


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