Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Little additions

To fast forward from my last update on the little guy, Nathan is now officially a walker! And gone are my days of (relative) leisure... now it's running after him and saying no you can't touch this, or no running or step, step, STEP!! Oh boy.... It sure is giving me some good old exercise. Exhausting as it can be at times for the adults, it sure tires him out as well so he knocks out for naps and sleeps through the night till cock-a-doodle-doo!
Our days are now spent going to the playground, swimming or having playdates with his friends, like little miss natalie :)
Here they are enjoying their schoolbus ride

And our typical Saturday morning at the playground - the walks there has given the bub and I a nice toasty tan but sadly Daddy is still as pasty as ever hehe. Nate has definitely inherited my ability to tan with minimal sun, phew! We still can't believe he is turning 1 in 3 weeks! Why, he was just a tiny babe when we brought him home with us less than a year ago. And now he is a proper trooper. He is still the littlest walker at the playground but he's not the least bit daunted and goes up to other kids to play with them and is especially adept at terrorising unsuspecting canine bystanders. Watch out world!

I end my little family update with a sweet darling addition to the shop:

blissful and contented,

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fiona said...

Congrats on Nathan's walking!

btw, i'm passing on an award to you.
see here:

hope you'll pick it up.


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