Monday, December 04, 2006

TEA on TV! (and other snatched goodies)

Yay! For those who were able to catch the festive bites segment on CNA last night, didn't Chris look perfectly at ease in front of the camera? (Chris darling, you don't look fat on TV) And oh, ALL our guests appeared on TV after all!! Haha even though they tried to hide most of the time (I know Val only took bites when the camera wasn't nearby!), somehow a sweeping shot captured everyone! Yay! One second of fame hahaha....

Thanks to everyone for all the lovely emails that've been streaming in... this is the last week before I leave for Cambodia so it's another crazy period for me. Just a friendly reminder, all orders must be shipped by this Friday, Dec 8th. I still have a bunch of custom orders on hand which I will finish before the week is over so I will NOT be accepting any more new custom orders. I will be posting up the new pieces from Tea today so that's still sth new for you babes who were unable to make it to Tea. I've got just a week left to sort out the Christmas decor, menu, pressies and preparations for Cambodia so yes, I am a little short of time :( Thank you for your understanding!! (my panda eyes are awful!!)

Here are more goodies that went home to lovely owners at Tea:

Blue Autumn

The Little Prince

Leaves of Endearment

Rosy Desire

Reflective Beauty

Raspberry Swirl

Vanity Fair


Oh, My Deer!

I'm so proud that Xin took a fancy to Oh, My Deer! and she wore it to Maad the next day! (I know cos being the maki-holic that I am, I just had to go down to check out their new Tweety collection haaa) Artists truly have a distinct taste of their own cos this was a one-off funky piece using a vintage enamel necklace that I got from a lady who had loads of vintage jewellery from her mom and her old aunts. Remember to check their goodies out at the Takashimaya forum on Dec 9,10,15 and 16! I was so bummed that this lady got the kimono bag before I did at Maad so I'm not gonna take too long to consider next time! :p


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Anonymous said...

It was so nice seeing you yesterday! Thank you for the perfect new necklace. (i am very picky when it comes to anything round my neck) and this deer is the greatest reward to myself this christmas. Have a great trip at cambodia. And can't wait to catch up with you whenever you are free!
take care! :) -xin, the stitchy one


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