Sunday, December 03, 2006

Post-TEA chatter!

Chris and I really want to thank all our guests for making Tea such a smashing event! It was fabulous to put a face to so many names, and we hope you've enjoyed yourselves as much as we've had fun bringing it to you. The place was cool to chill, Chris' chicken pie tasted peppery-yummy, just the way I like it! :) Thanks to the lovely team of ladies - Chelsea, Weilin, Kristin and our male compatriots, the event was able to turn out the way it did. Thank you guys, Tea wouldn't be the same without you!!

Yesterday's Tea was extra special cos Channelnewsasia was covering our event as part of a Christmas feature!! If you're able to read this before the screening, remember to check out CNA at 10pm tonight, sunday!! Chris will be on TV!!(maybe you'll see me pop up accidentally on your screen in some corner haa). And oh special thanks to Xin and Enqi for making a cameo! It was really funny watching them try to look relaxed in front of the camera haha! Thanks babes! :)

Really wanna say another big THANK YOU to all you wonderful gals who came down to support Tea, hope you babes had a blast checking out all the new stuff I rushed out for Tea. Sorry I had to dash around loads and wasn't able to chat with everyone as much as I'd hoped to, and thank God for Weilin my friendly sales promoter who was a great help with handling purchases! I've not slept much in the last few days, or done anything else apart from create, create, create! So much so that the home looks like a hurricane just struck it :P (or so Weilin says). I will try to post the new stuff that did not get snatched at Tea in the next few days but for now, it's time to get some much-needed shuteye. 1 week of hard work, a day of anxious anticipation and a celebratory beer and oh-to-die-for pork knuckle later, I'm definitely in the mong-ing state of mind.

Photos later peeps! And now off to a night of lovely carols by Celebration Chorus (the gorgeous Lorraine aka cambodia teammate is in it ) .... I might drift off to zzzz.... meanwhile you can check out some new stuff that were quickly grabbed up at Tea!


chrispantry said...

WELL DONE, Babe!!!

Cranberry said...

Hi Yiwen,

Love all your hand-made accessories. They are beautiful. Keep it up!


yiwen said...

Thanks Chris & Jestina! Best bits of Tea are the new friends found and old friendships renewed! :)


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