Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bonjour 2012!

Still haven't quite grasped the concept of 2012 yet, has time really passed that quick?! This is a quick hello post to say yes I am still alive, no I'm not pregnant again (two is a handful thank you very much), and yes I know this blog is looking awfully forlorn so updates will be forthcoming swiftly. Mr Oriental Rose bought me a new Olympus Pen so I took some test shots of my work space. It's pretty amazing! Can't imagine what my pictures will be like if I mastered it properly. If only reading the camera manual was higher up on my to-do list. 

I had a few completed necklaces which I originally planned to release before Christmas but clearly they never quite made it. Photos are up on my Flickr album and will be listed by tomorrow. A couple more CNY-appropriate festive earrings are also awaiting their photo shoot and I plan to ensure they get their appearance in time, this time!

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