Friday, July 08, 2011

A photo booth story

Here I am trying to get a decent photo of the young lady for her first passport.
And as all parents would know, babies make the worst photo shoot models!!
How do you get a child to
a) look straight into the camera so her eyes, eyebrows and other facial features are obvious
b) without some sort of grimace/ funny face / hands flapping about
c) with agreeable lighting conditions so there will be no shadows?
It took 2 days of trying + whole lot more of coaxing + a frustrating 2 hour attempt of wonky online application (which failed) + another 10 minutes of calling the helpline (which merely told me to send an email to their IT help desk) + 3 days of waiting for the IT help desk's reply. Not the best week of my life for sure.
But here we are! We survived the gauntlet and the long-awaited red passport is now ready for collection. In case you were wondering, both Nathan and Sarah are full-fledged Singapore citizens. Here is my contribution to nation-building -- a "foreign-talent" engineer hubby and 2 little cute hybrids to boost the declining birth rate :)
Majulah Singapore!

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