Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A sign I'm not stuck in the UK

I know it's been nearly 2 weeks since we returned from the UK (and thank God we avoided the whole Icelandic disruption eruption!), but before I share all the fun and nightmares from our first trip abroad with a 1+ yo toddler, here are 3 new creations I'm listing on this blog for a change so I can make some behind-the-scene changes to the bigcartel shoppe. Please drop me a line at my funkypink05(at) email addy to purchase! :)

Ava earrings - SGD 40 (Sold)

Lovely lilac hue roses with equally charming ametrine flat brios and pink amethyst, caribbean blue apatite rondelles, freshwater pearls and goldfilled accents. Just check out the pretty purply corners in the ametrine! One of my favourites from the "Petite Fleur" series :)

Finch earrings - SGD 38

Quirky oxidised silver sparrows atop pale sea green ovals (I forgot what stone this is! If you do know, please enlighten me. I think it is some kind of fluorite :p) with brass hearts, sweet pink rhinestone chains, apatite rondelles, pearls and swarovskis. I quite like how everything fit together here!

Marion Peach earrings - SGD 48 (Sold)

Creme peach roses and enchanting rare vintage rose cameos and cascading blue flash moonstone and olive topaz briolettes, ending with rhinestones and goldfilled leaves. A dash of old-fashioned feminity...

I only have one pair each for today's offerings but I am looking to squeezing out another 1 or 2 pairs of Finch and Marion Peach, if materials permit (I so need to sort out the inventory!). Ava is definitely my only pair though as this is my last stashed pair of ametrine brios till I manage to find more. Also it's kinda past my bedtime now so I will put up measurements first thing tomorrow :p


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